Posted by: gardner310 | March 22, 2009

Lion Kill

Lion Kill

I’m at Thakadu Tent Lodge this evening after driving 2 hours from Sun City.  We are on the river and I am currently in my bed surrounded by mosquito netting.  My bed is turned down and the bug spray is sitting on the night stand, just in case.

We arrived this afternoon, had a lovely lunch and went and went on a game drive with local guide, Kaiser.  The hit of the game drive was finding a small lion pride that just made a zebra kill. 


Wildebeest at Thakadu Lodge

Wildebeest at Thakadu Lodge



We saw blood on the road and downtrodden grass so we knew they were close.  Sure enough, a short distance off the road a young male lion was sitting there licking his chops.  You could see in the immediate distance the larger male picking up the remainder of the carcass and high-tailing off with it to safer ground.

We watched for many minutes while the young males strode around and then walked off to a take a nap, most likely.  It made for some good photos.  The video shows one of the young ones hauling a leg off to finish but you have to look closely.  It was quite exciting being in the midst of dinner, even if we were uninvited guests.



  1. Wow, I just read the lion kill blog and I love it!! It takes me right back to that moment, sitting in the game vehicle and our guide saying “I want to get in there” and there we go!! Bouncing along the rocks and broken trees just to get better shots of the feasting lions. How exciting!! Best trip ever and I’m so glad we got to be “roomies”.

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