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Event Calendar for Chianti, Italy

Forra in Chianti - 6 Bedrooms

Forra in Chianti - 6 Bedrooms

Italy remains one of the most desirable destinations in Europe.  Villas make vacationing there more economical and allow a true Taste of Italy, living as a local.  Shopping in the markets, eating in local restaurants and meeting the residents of your village will make lasting impressions and perhaps even friends.  Villas are available in all shapes and sizes throughout Italy for parties as small as 1 looking for peace and quiet up to 20+ for a family or friends reunion.

Below is the summer/fall event calendar for Chianti, one of the most requested areas in Italy.  For villa pricing and choices, contact me.  Rates are as much as 25% off for some properties.

Castelnuovo Berardenga

Performance of Bruscello (Villa Chigi Saracini – Castelnuovo Berardengna) – 26/28/29 June. Theatrical performance in eight rhyme, that originates from antique traditions

Cinema and Chianti – (Villa Chigi Saracini, Castelnuovo Berardenga), 18-25 July. Every year this festival is dedicated to a great film director, with large screen projections, meetings with leading film characters, exhibitions…

Calici di Stelle– (Castelnuovo Berardenga) 10 August. Wine tasting and tasting of typical products, craft markets, shows

Passato e Presente (Festival Past and Present) – (Casetta/Montaperti) – the last week of August and the first week of September. Tradition festival, one of the most popular in the Siena territory. The historical battle of Monteaperti (mentioned even on the “Divina Commedia”, Dante Alighieri) is remembered with torchlight procession

Festa del Luca (Festival of Luca) – (San Gusmè) first 2 weeks of September. One of the more interesting and popular festival in the territory. Good quality of food and wine.

Festa dell’Uva (Festival of the Grape) (Vagliagli) last week of September. Exhibition of carts accompanied by men and women in traditional costumes. Good food and wine.

Gaiole in Chianti

Mercatino medioevale dei SS. Pietro e Paolo (Gaiole in Chianti) 29 of June. Medieval market

Assalto al Castello di Meleto – (castello di meleto, Gaiole in Chianti) 29 of June. Medieval festival with music, exhibitions, gastronomy

Cicloraduno di biciclette d’epoca 01 October (Gaiole in Chianti)

Chianti Festival – (Gaiole in C. Radda in C. Castellina in C. Castelnuovo Berardenga) – 03-26 July. Performances.

Radda in Chianti

Festa del Perdono – (Radda in Chianti) – 29, 30, 31 August, 01 September. Music, gastronomy, wine

Greve in Chianti

Chianti in Rock – (Campo sportivo, Panzano in Chianti) 27 of June. Music and fun

AVIS in Piazza – (Piazza Landi, Strada in Chianti) 03, 04 05 July. Music, dancing, performances

Festa di Sant’Anna – (Sant’Anna, Greve in Chianti) – 25 July. Music and dancing

Rioni in Piazza – (Greve in Chianti) – 06 September. Handicraft’s market, parade, music, performances.

Vino al Vino – (Panzano in Chianti) – 11, 12, 13 September. Wine tasting

Stradainfiera – (Strada in Chianti) – 19, 20, 21 September. Music, gastronomy, markets

Festa delle Castagne (Festival of chestnuts)– (Lucolena in Chianti) – 17 and 18 October


Concerto della Banda “Città del Palio” – 30 June. Performance of the band with pop-modern and symphonic music 22h.

Palio , 2nd of July and 16th of August

Calici di Stelle – (Siena) – 10 August. Music, wine-tasting and typical products

Mercatino dell’antiquariato (Piazza del Mercato) – every 3rd Sunday. Antique dealing

Other areas

Chiusdino (SI) – Sagra del Ciaccino 01-03 August. Music and gastronomy

Radicofani (SI) – Festa del Raviolo di Contignano: 16-20 August. Music and gastronomy

Vivo d’Orcia (SI) – Sagra della Polenta August 2009. Music and gastronomy



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  2. […] See the original post here:  Event Calendar for Chianti, Italy « Travel Specialist Weblog […]

  3. The choice is certainly vast, and there is a lot of options open regarding size and facilities. There is also an abundance of available properties which is one of the reasons the prices are quite cheap at the moment.

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    • Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. Enjoy whatever destination you choose. So many places, so little time.

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