Posted by: gardner310 | March 19, 2009

Zulu Land

Kwazulu-Natal is the province of the Zulus and Shaka Khan and the Boer War.  It is a fascinating and lovely province offering both beach and game reserves.  It is not the quickest place to get to but I am finding that traveling in Africa takes time and patience.  I flew from Jo’burg to Richard’s Bay at 605am and then had a transfer of about an hour up to Stewart’s Farm where you can stay in an authentic Zulu boma overnight or just visit for the day and learn about Zulu life.  Sonya Newland, one of the owners, made all my all my arrangements for this portion of the trip through her company, Africa tours.  I visited the village and had breakfast with my traveling companion for this portion of the trip, Monika.

We met Douglas, our Zulu driver, and off we went north to Thonga Beach Lodge on the Indian Ocean.  That took another hour and a half to get to Coastal Cashew Factory, where the lodge vehicle picked us up.  The factory shop had empty shelves because they haven’t had production since December due to machinery breakdowns!   Another hour and a half and one flat tire later we arrived at Thonga Beach at 3pm. 


Flat Tire, repaired by a scuba tank

Flat Tire, repaired by a scuba tank


They held lunch for us on the deck and helped scare away the monkeys so we could eat.  The 12 huts are charming with a lovely bathroom and a huge bed.  Each one is separate and set into the hillside, some have a view of the beach but all are very romantic.  I headed out almost immediately for my first sundowner, which is a game drive and cocktails out in the bush or in our case by the lake watching the hippos. 

Thonga Beach

Thonga Beach



It was a couple that were scuba divers and myself and it was fun to talk to them about the country.  We were back by 630pm and headed to the bar for socializing before dinner on the deck.  What a civilized way to live.

Zulu Hut

Zulu Hut


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