Posted by: gardner310 | March 2, 2009

Off to Africa!


Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Today I am in Cape Town, South Africa.  After traveling what seemed like forever with crying babies I arrived last night to a beautiful boutique hotel called Dock House.  The bed is wider than my cabin on the ship, I think.  My room opens out on to the only piece of lawn in the waterfront area with a lovely pool and spa area.

Part of my room, Dock House

Part of my room, Dock House

I will be heading up to Johannesburg later this week on the Blue Train and then to the game areas and a conference in Sun City.  Meanwhile, today we headed down to the Cape of Good Hope, the end of Africa.  We stopped to see the small African penguins making their nests and guarding their eggs.  One little man was so diligent carrying back one stick at a time to his mate’s nest.  He was working so hard!

African Peguins

African Penguins


Tomorrow I am headed out the winelands for some tastings.  I will update as much as possible since in the bush I may not have the chance.



  1. Hello Dearest Gardners! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Now I only wish all mates were like the african penguin! ha. Miss you- have the time of your lives. Dawn (Arrowhead)

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