Posted by: gardner310 | February 20, 2009

Anchored in Aruba


Aruba Office

Aruba Office

I am currently posting from Aruba from my office on the balcony of Dunkin Donuts.  I have a lovely view of the main shopping street directly across from the pink Royal Plaza and Iguana Joe’s.  Our cruise ship, the ms Zuiderdam, is here for the day and we are on our way to Curacao and the Panama Canal.  


The Iguana Bus just drove past with a giant iguana on top.  As a tour participant you would never lose that bus in the parking lot!  The weather is delightful at 84 and sunny and the jewelry shopping possibilities are endless!


View from My Aruba Office #1

View from My Aruba Office #1


View #2 from Aruba Office

View #2 from Aruba Office

If you are thinking about a vacation in the Caribbean, consider Aruba with it’s beautiful beaches and great weather.  Or consider a cruise that stops here so you can at least get a flavor of the island.  Too fun!



  1. Joanne, is this you?!? I tried emialing you through Destination Weddings with no luck. I wanted to tell you about the wedding and send you some pictures!! It was amazing!! Let me konw how to get ahold of you!!!

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