Posted by: gardner310 | December 5, 2012

On the Road Again…


The entire day today was spent on the road, about 8 hours in total.  Covered a lot of miles with a lot of traffic.  Nice scenery called to me and I stopped a couple of times to take some photos while driving through typical Italian tacky beach towns.  What is it about beach towns that tacky seems to follow them around the world?


Ravenna Castle


In Ravenna, my stop for 2 nights, I experienced a “pay it forward” moment.  I stopped to ask directions to the hotel from a young gentleman by his home.  He called his young pretty wife out from the house because her English was better than his.  She told me she would take me there and hopped in the car.  We had a lovely conversation in our two languages while she directed me through town on all of the sensa unicos, one way streets. She got me to a parccheggio, parking lot, in front of the nh Royal Hotel, a couple of blocks from my own place, and she hopped out and walked home after a wave goodbye.  How nice was that?

The Galletti Abbioso is an old abbey converted into a hotel.  My room was on the small side but because of the way they used the space, my bathroom was almost as big as the room.  Free internet here, too.  I had such good luck with this on the trip, such a difference from the last time I visited when I was always looking for an internet cafe to catch up with email.


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