Posted by: gardner310 | July 13, 2012

Afraid to Take a Vacation?

I just read an article in my fitness club magazine about people who can’t /won’t go on vacation due to too much anxiety about leaving work behind. As a travel agent I find this disturbing 🙂 The writer, Annie Perrin, is an executive life coach. Taking time off can be unnerving to many people who may be worried about their jobs or how their absence is seen by superiors. She says there are some barriers to overcome:

Fear of falling behind. You worry about not being able to catch up when you get back.

Pride in overwork. Vacation sabotage by thinking your exhaustion is admirable to others.

Confidence in connection. Taking time off leaves you feeling insecure about your role and value in your organization.

Adrenaline addiction. Action makes you feel important and indispensable.

More-work worries. We have to cram in hours of work in order to be ready to leave which results in departure dread.

There are strategies for success.

Reevaluate downtime. Studies show that vacation is critical to good job performance.

Decide what’s really critical. Plan what you need to handle and what you can to delegate before leaving.

Set boundaries. Leave the work behind. If necessary set a time to check in, then put the phone and laptop away.

Build in transition time. Schedule a day before and a day after vacation to pack, then unpack and settle back in gently.

Develop a kick-back habit. Keeping a white knuckle grip on your desk is doing you no favor. Practice taking time to relax and rest during the week. Next time around the vacation won’t be so scary.

To find out more about the importance of vacations, search for “No-Vacation Nation” at

My tag line on my business card is “See the World Before You Leave It!”. Vacations provide the means to do it.


On vacation in Napa Valley with friends.


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