Posted by: gardner310 | January 27, 2012

Some Green Living Tips

Precycling is a Great Way to Reduce Waste

The best way to reduce solid waste is to buy less and to recycle/reuse what you buy. Another way to reduce waste is to Precycle. Precycling begins when you decide to purchase or use an item. You are reducing waste when you select items that generate less waste or can be reused instead of an item that has a high manufacturing/transport cost or cannot be reused.

Here are a few examples:

Concentrated products: Products such as washing detergents are widely available in concentrated forms, packing as much punch as their water heavy counterparts. Concentrated products reduce packaging, weight and as a bonus – less transport related emissions.

Electronic magazines/newspapers: It takes electricity to view magazines and newspapers online, but you save the energy to produce and transport them. Plus you do not need to recycle the paper afterwards.

Plastic Wrappings: Buy/use less plastic wrap. A reusable container with an airtight lid that can be used for many years is a better choice. Aluminum foil is also a better choice since it can be recycled and will breakdown in our lifetime unlike plastic, which is ageless from a human perspective.

Junk Mail: Junk Mail is not just costly because of trees/paper manufacturing/ink manufacturing, but from the transport costs of mailing it to you then you sending it to be recycled or worst putting it into the solid waste stream. Stopping Junk Mail saves in many ways including your time. Click below for some tips to getting rid of it.


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