Posted by: gardner310 | April 5, 2010

Beaches of Scilly

From The Explorateur

When you think UK, beaches somehow don’t pop up first in one’s mind, but if you’ve been to the British Isles you’ll know that there’s plenty of mystical beauty in those northern waters. The Isles of Scilly are perhaps some of the most beautiful, and provide a gorgeous capstone to an otherwise active visit to England, and the St. Mary’s Hall Hotel provides the perfect respite.

This elegant, petite townhouse charms at first sight and makes you very aware that you’ve arrived in a little slice of island paradise. There’s no loud noise, no neon lights, no intrusive tourist attractions. Rather, what you’ll find here are stunning beaches, amazing¬†eateries, special marine adventures, unusual crafts, and genuine people.

The hotel is the essence of Scilly itself, taking great care to respect and never compromise the beauty of the nature that surrounds them. They grow as much of their own food as possible, think ethically and buy locally, recycle frequently, and take time and resources to invest in their staff which ensures guests always have a truly authentic, personalized experience. Rooms are island-chic and extremely comfortable, and carefully adorned with fresh linens, sumptuous beds, coffee, tea, chocolate and lovely bath products.

Easy to reach by boat from Penzance, or small plane from various points in the UK. See you in Scilly!


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