Posted by: gardner310 | November 25, 2008

Chasing Carnivals

Christmas is coming next month which is a wonderful family holiday.  It is my favorite holiday, hands down.  But really, don’t all of us wish that, just once, we could leave the family behind and head to Carnival somewhere, Anywhere!?

I got this idea from an article that Carnival Cruise Line published, many thanks to them.

Consider this list for your Carnival get-away 2009. 

Rio de Janiero, Brazil                        February 20-24     

This, of course, is the biggie, at about a million party goers with non-stop dancing and feathered costumes.  The smaller the better is the norm.

Port of Spain, Trinidad                  February               

Trinidad and Tobago’s 5 day party claims to be the most intense and colorful in the Caribbean.  Music and costumes reflect the African traditions of the country.

Antigua                  July-August            

This is an 11 day extravaganza that is now 50 years old.  It celebrates the freedom from the slave trade and includes the Antigua and Barbuda International Music Festival in August.  Steel band competitions highlight the celebration.

Las Tablas, Panama               February    

Las Tablas has become one of Central America’s most famous celebrations due to the elaborate costumes.  The four days before Lent are non stop partying so bring your stamina.

Barranquilla, Columbia                   February                 

UNESCO awarded Barranquilla World Heritage status as a showcase festival.  As the second largest carnival after Rio,  it also claims to be the ritziest, with gem-encrusted costumes and fire breathing dragons.

New Orleans                 February              

Let’s not forget our own Mardi Gras in New Orleans.   Fly or drive to the fabulous city and be prepared to Party.  If you don’t come home with beads, you didn’t do it right. I have an article on New Orleans at under my profile, Joanne Gardner.  Beyond Mardi Gras, the city is a great vacation spot with lots to see and do, especially eat!


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